Wedding Dance

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First Dance

Modern Wedding Dance Lessons

Want to "wow" them with a great first dance? Or maybe you just want to do something besides swaying back and forth. Think you have "two left feet" and dancing is something you only watch on TV? 
Wedding Lessons for the Bride and Groom are an exciting and easy way to prepare for your first dance as a married couple. We offer special dance packages for couples that include a unique choreographed First Dance. The tailored First Dance is offered with Wedding Dance Package. Of course, parents of the Bride and Groom can learn a dance too!

LGBT+ Weddings

We are delighted to offer our wedding dance courses to LGBT+ community. Let us know your idea of a perfect first dance and our instructors will do everything they can to make your great day even more special.

Gay Couple on their Wedding

Have you decided how you would like your first dance to look like? Call us and inquire about dates and time for a lesson!



Spring sale - 15% off all packages!

Single Lesson - was £55

now £45

Not sure how many lessons you need? Buy a single lesson and find out yourself!

5 lessons - was £250

now £210

The most popular package. Gives you 5 lessons to prepare. Ideal for a one and a half minute routine. If you need more lessons after because you want to make sure you've got this you can purchase extra lessons at discounted price.

12 lessons - was £525
now £445

For those who are crazy about first dance and want to make it a memorable event for the rest of their lives we have prepared a big package of lessons. This will ensure that everything is perfect and ready so you will be 100% comfortable with your abilities and enjoy your day without any worry.